Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Prarambh is the face of AARAV Group’s charitable endeavours, which is committed to helping the underprivileged by assisting them with resources and other necessities. Our aim is to provide a new ray of hope to all those who are in need of help so that they can cope with and overcome all the life-altering challenges that they face every day. We have led various initiatives to provide blankets and other basic essentials to the needy, along with making humble but significant contributions to cancer patients.  

Our NGO is headed by Aarav Group Chairman Shri. Nitin Tiwari himself, along with the group’s CEO, Smt. Reena Tiwari and Group Executive Director Shri. Harshad Tendulkar. Prarambh represents the new ear of dawn in Bharat, where all of us prosper together, and no one is left behind. We believe in upholding the great teachings of our culture of using our collective strength to empower all those in need to improve their quality of life.   

Our relentless efforts have been recognised by many esteemed forums, and we pledge to continue our charitable initiatives across Bharat. 


What We Do


— Underprivileged youth

Ensuring skill development programs for underprivileged youth. 


— Financial assistance Cancer patients

Providing financial assistance for the cancer treatment of patients. 


— We Strengthen Needy

Distributing blankets and other basic essentials for those with limited means.  


— We Educate

Work towards eliminating barriers such as poverty, discrimination, and lack of infrastructure,


— We Provide Care

We are keen to help the people in need.  Our NGO urges you to support us as we are planning to increase our work.


— We Consult

We have served many poor families many underprivileged people and will provide  with immense satisfaction of helping someone.